How Remote Patient Monitoring Supports the Shift to Value-Based Care

The goal of value-based care is to design programs that focus on and reward healthcare organizations for keeping patients healthy by placing patients at the center of care. One way organizations do this is through the adoption of new technology.

In this 2-minute video, learn how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) helps support value-based care by keeping patients and practitioners engaged outside of the doctor's office.

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Remote patient monitoring provides the infrastructure for organizations to make value-based purchasing decisions.

And the trend in healthcare is to move from a fee-for-service model, which is the traditional method where you pay for what you’ve performed on the patient, to a value-based system where a set amount of money is allocated to keep a patient or a population healthy.

Many different organizations pay and invest in remote patient monitoring. It can be an individual patient, a healthcare organization, or an accountable care organization or value-based medical group.

But the largest payer of remote patient monitoring today in the United States is states—Medicaid and Medicare systems.

Reimbursement laws are changing for the good. There are many states who are enacting new special programs to provide not only reimbursement for the technology, but for the transmission of data, based on positive health outcomes.

Remote patient monitoring has come a long way in the last decade. It’s going to change the way that we deliver and care for patients worldwide.

Remote patient monitoring changes patient behaviour for the better by reinforcing the values of their physician, their family, and their loved ones. It helps support them through continuous interaction and engagement via messaging, video consultation, and receiving educational materials about improving their health outcomes.

With the rising costs of healthcare, and the change from fee-for-service versus value-based medicine, it’s the logical choice.

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