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eConsent in Action - How It Works and Why Patients Appreciate It

As sponsors and CROs continue to prioritize patient centricity in clinical trials, it is little surprise that eConsent has become a driving topic in every conference agenda. In addition to providing a warm and welcoming introduction to the trial, eConsent has consistently demonstrated the ability to improve patient satisfaction, reduce consent-related protocol deviations and support higher retention rates.

Still, common questions remain such as…

  • Can I afford it?
  • What is the measured ROI?
  • How does it change the ICF creation process?
  • Does it work globally?

Watch this 45-minute webinar where we discuss benefits for patients, sites and study teams, address common questions and concerns, and present a brief technology demonstration to help you make eConsent decisions for your upcoming trials.

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Optimizing eConsent for Patient Centricity
Optimizing eConsent for Patient Centricity

Experts from across the clinical trial industry share their data, real case studies and expertise on how to...