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State of eConsent 2017 Report

Jackie Brusch

It’s an exciting time for the life sciences industry, with technology driving greater levels of efficiency, effectiveness and patient engagement and satisfaction in clinical trials. 

Electronic Informed Consent (eConsent) is quickly taking on a  reputation for being the next big technological innovation  in clinical trials.  

With both regulators and industry groups advocating  the impressive benefits of eConsent, it is no surprise that  66% of top 50 Pharma companies are engaged or planning an eConsent initiative in the near future, with 10 of the top 10 already having an eConsent strategy in place.

In order to benchmark current eConsent use, gauge experiences and expectations, better understand adoption hurdles and challenges,  and anticipate how eConsent use will grow in the future, CRF Health  conducted our first-ever State of eConsent Industry Survey. 

146 respondents from 100 biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO, and IRB organizations have shared their opinions. Whether yours is just starting to consider eConsent or looking to expand adoption company-wide, we hope these survey findings are insightful. 

About the Author

Jackie Brusch

Jackie Brusch is the Content Marketing Manager at CRF Health.

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The Essential Guide to Electronic Informed Consent

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State of eConsent 2017 Report - Site Edition
State of eConsent 2017 Report - Site Edition