Best eConsent Resources of 2017

Jackie Brusch

Best eConsent Resources of 2017

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In this webinar, Sandra "SAM" Sather and special guest speaker, Giga Smith from Coastal Carolina Health Care (CCHC), reveal the results of CRF Health's "Electronic Informed Consent: 2017 Industry Survey Results - Site Edition."

The input from a site perspective can prevent some major issues when implementing a new technology. Whether your organization is just starting to consider eConsent or looking to expand adoption, these survey findings will provide valuable insight and context into the perspectives of site staff. 




A common myth about electronic informed consent (eConsent) is that senior populations will have trouble using it.  CRF Health research proves just the opposite -- in fact, seniors were more likely to adopt and use electronic over paper due to its numerous benefits. 

Sandra "SAM" Sather discusses how eConsent benefits seniors and the ways that electronic can be adapted for easier use by the elderly in this 3-minute video.




In order to benchmark current eConsent use, gauge experiences and expectations, better understand adoption hurdles and challenges,  and anticipate how eConsent use will grow in the future, CRF Health  conducted our first-ever State of eConsent Industry Survey

146 respondents from 100 biotech, pharmaceutical, CRO, and IRB organizations have shared their opinions. Whether yours is just starting to consider eConsent or looking to expand adoption company-wide, we hope these survey findings are insightful. 




In this short video, informed consent industry expert, Sandra "SAM" Sather, discusses the Food and Drug Administration's 2016 final guidance document for eConsent, "Use of Electronic Informed Consent."  Learn how the FDA supports Electronic Informed Consent and how it can be used to improve patient compliance and comprehension.






Originally featured in the Research Quality Association (RQA) magazine, Quasar, the quarterly member's magazine, this article details how eConsent supports patient understanding. 








Informed consent is the essential start to your complex and often lengthy clinical trial. But the process goes beyond just getting a signature from your participants. In this video, learn about CRF Health's eConsent solution, TrialConsent.







Coming in 2018:

  • Guidance for implementing an eConsent solution
  • The truth about security and privacy with eConsent
  • Webinar: eConsent stakeholders series
  • ...and more!

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